Welcome to my world!

Honoring my mission of healing the world and my community through creativity for stress management, I present to you My Super-Duper Journey. Under the same mission is The Kayla Legacy Collection.

My Super-Duper Journey, formerly, my super-duper hair-growth journey, chronicles my extreme hair loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic due to expiration or untimely use of a perm perhaps coupled with stress. Upon complete restoration of my hair in only one year or less, I was urged to write a book to share my experience.

MSDJ has recently transitioned to a manifest journal, more central to my mission. Each journal remains customized because I view it as a treasure and desire a unique experience for everyone. Inside continues with my hair recipes, processes, helpful hints, stress-relief exercises, blank journal pages, and more. New to this page are Canvas prints & more. See Catalog, Quick Links, Search.

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Appreciatively yours,

Ameedah Mawalin

Website: www.sapphirewithpassion.com